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    Still she was confused that what was happening with her. Even She didn't realise that it was a little spark of love. After that day onwards they continued their chats and gradually convert out to be very friendly. Both were too frank in nature. The girl was enjoying his company. Everyday she waited for him to come online and mostly in night she talk to him. Their conversation continued till late night. She felt for him,but there was no feeling in his heart. He was just friendly with her as it was his nature.
    His friendly nature, dashing look, deadly smile, love for others and many talent or creativity.These were enough to steal her heart. He was a beautiful soul and straightforward.
    She started taking interest in him. But there was a question in her mind that is this love or only affection..?? She did smile when he replied her, when she hear a certain song, see a photo of his on social sites; She blushed when just think of him. She started care about him too much. She really love to think about him and even sometimes he did come in her dreams and in her dreams he was of her. In her mind ,she somehow relate even the smallest things to him. Finally after some days she realised that she fell for him. She was like, found many ways to talk to him. In her free time if she nothing found to do then she sent a message to him, She knew that he was that guy as she wanted to be someone special in her life.
    She never got that much attached with someone in her life before. He was the first person with whom she used to talk on the daily basis. And She was very comfortable and happy with him.
    After these all she had been known that love is exciting, addicting, confusing and also it’s weird.


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    It is the second part of my story. Hope you will read the all parts. Please do correct any of my mistakes.

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