• yonderly_virago 23w

    As a kid I wished upon stars for things I wanted most and sometimes the stars were kind enough to attend to those wishes. Then I grew apart from my imagination as I grew up and stars were just tiny shiny dots in the sky. Now I've grown older and my bestfriend says I've developed a poetic approach to life and to me the stars are yet again like genies fulfilling my wishes but this time I'm not just in contact with my imagination but with reason and that reason is— universe is an ever giving source. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the planet we thrive on, the people we have in our life to face certain adversities, the people who grow apart from us when their role in our life is over, the way our life tends to flip like a switch going from bad to good within one hour or vice versa and so much more, I don't believe they are coincidences. I think universe is much more than science, I think universe itself has higher forces like karma and some other forces I may not be able to name. Universe is always expanding and there's so much that is not known and yet to be discovered but I know one thing for sure there's so much more to the universe than the science behind it.