• bhushan_asaf 5w

    When my tears are no more,
    Afraid of being free
    When the gloom within me,
    Isn't more just like me...
    When someday at the midnight,
    No grace i wish to see..
    that day, yes that that day..
    I will choose to die with me...

    When my silence with me,
    Stays no more screaming in my head.
    When my eyes close peacefully,
    As soon as i lay on my bed..
    When the midnight hollowness,
    Chooses to talk with me..
    That day, yes, that day....
    I will choose to die with me..

    When the love of some same soul,
    Had soaked deep down inside..
    When the breathes of my shivering Conscience
    Stays warm, soothed, as if by a fireside.
    When my people, my love, And a lovely so called enemy
    Are around me, together to be ' we '
    that day, yes that day...
    I will choose to die with me...

    When the ends are no more,
    The fullstops that ceases existence..
    When the Purpose of mine to ponder every soul
    Had been My life with all its persistence..
    Then, there at that point, that instance,
    I would let go of the time that has been held, to flee..
    That day, yes that day.
    I will choose to die with me..

    Bhushan _ Asaf