• _keer_ 6w


    Everyone needs it
    to move on to the next
    from agonizing relations
    Or even from
    pleasant connections.
    People find closure
    in different ways.
    Some talk it out
    and part ways for good
    Some live in silence
    letting time and distance
    heal them.
    What about when one leaves
    the other
    without any last words
    without a goodbye
    not even a glimpse.
    The mind wanders
    bumping into scenarios
    what could have occurred
    what could have been confessed
    it lingers restless
    because it didn't get a chance
    To whisper... a goodbye
    to mumble, that it was okay
    Whatever happened... Happened
    It didn't get a chance
    for its closure.
    People get stuck
    but try
    to move to the next
    Some find peace
    crying their hearts out,
    Others take it to their graves
    to resolve it there