• mayowa 23w

    am I going to forget this moment?
    sitting in my kitchen
    staring down the corridor through arched openings
    in a still house, breathing, but still
    the toaster with its limp tail sits unused, next to an ill-gifted fruit tray
    there is a once boiled, twice baked over killed chicken in the oven
    I'm too lazy, too useless to put it away
    will I forget this moment?
    the clock on the microwave reads 11:27
    on the broiler it read 11:28
    will knowing the time keep me from forgetting this moment?
    is all of this just one moment?
    will reading this poem in turn, etch this moment into my memory?
    my brain
    or are the words being carved into my finger tips; my fingers prints
    as i type and type? i type?
    or will it stay perched on my heart
    a memorial to the day before independence?
    am i going to forget this moment?