• adishree_hazarika 10w

    I've experienced a lot

    From being the naughtiest kid till being the descent captain ,
    From using the windows as our pass out from the class till having water fights that could complete our thirst,
    From playing kho-kho till becoming the kho-kho captain I've experienced a lot.

    From being a rebellious kid till being an innocent kid ,
    From sitting under the benches during the classes till sitting above the seats during the excursions,
    From playing lock and key till doing the daring shits in truth and dare I've experienced a lot.

    From being a confused kid till becoming a smartass,
    From being a part of the robbery gang of the food during sports day till becoming the volunteer in the special days,
    From bunking the classes till being an attentive freak I've experienced a lot.

    But this whole wonderful experiences would be incomplete without each one of you,
    and now since we're in the last year so some will go and some will stay .
    But we're always ready to cherish the past
    As the memories will always be there with us.