• poojarasal 9w

    It started with a hey..

    Let me tell you my story today,
    I was weaker yesterday,
    I had a bad day,
    Then I meet you on the Subway,
    It all just started with the hey,
    Our love grew gradually everyday,
    And I grew stronger everyday,
    I thought I do it my way,
    But after I met you its just our way,
    I love how you love me everyday,
    It just grows every day,
    I just wanna make love all day,
    I just love how we do that foreplay,
    Just want you to stay all day,
    Cause you know you are my bae,
    You don't know how much i pray ,
    Just to see your smile every single day,
    I just love the way you sway
    Just want you to stay,
    Till my story end one day.