• mykeloje 5w

    Who's fault

    Being an emotional being
    Created to love and be loved.
    Falling in love as a result of the fall
    Gave love a new meaning
    Attaching a new feeling
    Redirecting it's resources to meet other needs.

    I, never wanting to fall in love,fell in love
    Some how survived with bruises all over
    Thank God am still breathing.
    I never imagined how fatal the fall could be
    Though the idea lingered but the images were never formed.

    Did you know all the resources love afforded,
    Did not serve the original purpose?!
    Rather than making things up it messed them.
    On the long run, it would defame my personality

    The deception so blinding
    The vagueness so unrealistic
    Illusion on rampage
    Having the form of true love
    Denying you of the fruits thereof.