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    Fiasco : complete failure
    Glimpse : one look
    Wretch : an unhappy person
    (Note: by using wretch I am referring to the racists character sketch for a dark skinned person)

    I really hoped to write on racism and here's my try.
    I'm grateful to my friend @histrionic_ink on instagram to collaborate. Her collaborated part would be available on her page in instagram.

    Reposting my last post due to some technical problems. :)


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    Dark and divine

    In their dark thoughts, they want a face very light,
    Yes, we're in fiasco to judge them by one sight.
    Their one glimpse is enough to write your character sketch,
    This is all they can offer to a dark skinned wretch!
    Oh, and why should I be feeling bad?
    At least I am better in all the terms what I add.
    This is all I would expect from their mentality.