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    Everytime I see someone post negative about you, I'm gonna swoop right in with a love poem of mine.����

    Dedicated to @writersnetwork ��❤
    The team who works the hardest on this app. Add some respect to this name :)

    and teenagers, it's not cool to talk trash about someone just for your fun.

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    peeking into the elysium
    where many damaged souls rest in peace,
    i find you servicing and guiding them
    through their pain elegantly.
    the one's who are blessed with penmanship
    but still fail to make a reach,
    the ones who struggle to find value
    for what their art preaches.
    you hold their creations in your palms
    and present it to the world.
    you vouch for their brilliance
    and make us see their real worth.

    seldom misinterpreted by people
    and some even question your virtues,
    still you hold a special place in many broken hearts,
    even more than words do.
    you dont have a face,
    but we look at you as our representative
    your presence is a blessing
    in this place which is like a native

    you've been working from a long time,
    from thousand hours and minutes
    but you still carry our words on your back,
    like it's not been a long time since you've been doing this.
    when we're worn out from writing our pain down,
    our frowns turn into smiles when you make a visit
    i happily dedicate this ode to you, to the one who makes us push our pen harder,
    and to its very limits.