• bey5151 10w

    There's a new flaw in my heart, guys!
    This was a normal start.
    Even though I have time to make my skin more wrinkled
    But I'm not going to take that for granted.
    Think of the good coming incarnate and hopefully useful

    At first from the prankster who got into my confusion
    I'm looking for meaning and I'm looking for signs that might be hiding.
    I'll just come along even if there's a worry going on.
    As if the game told me:
    Hey...! I want to know who you are?
    Yes, it's okay! I answered that challenge.

    But that doesn't mean it's easy
    Because now there's a restless laugh mocking

    And now from each other growing new stories shake hands quietly
    In his hand stored rusty boredom
    In the morning, there's a ghost that's a ghost.
    The noise near me makes the atmosphere even more gripping

    Before long he said only 3 days
    And this is day 3
    Cue giving up out of whom
    It's like waiting for death in a stuffy room
    It's a test or I'm a moron.

    Floating prayers are all for him
    Until the finger vibrates there is nothing left
    After day 3 is still all impressed?

    And what a three-day anniversary of my story.
    Because in the night missed what I needed
    That he's actually breathing every day.
    That he was a loyal friend when it was hard and happy for me
    Ah...! I want to change his name on my cell phone contacts.
    From the name of Pumpkin palm...
    I turned it into a fierce fog.

    Ah crazy...! I'm being pranked by my friend.