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    NO, this isn't my story,
    But of million women who face this daily!
    Thinking from a women's prospective I tried to ink down how desperately might that woman be waiting to go back to that phase of her life which can be a worst nightmare for anybody and might be waiting to tear apart the existence of such beasts!
    You aren't weak, the society has no right to shun your existence! You can still dream, have visions, get married and live a life peacefully!
    But, never let this rage inside you get diluted!
    To every other women you meet in daily life, tell her, educate her, make her aware of what hell can life be! How important it is to be strong enough to not let anyother person overcome your respect and dignity!
    Teach your daughters, friends, wives, grandmothers and sisters that how important it is for a women to take care of her own self before anything else in this world!
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    Get me a time machine
    And I shall travel to that 'one night'
    That fire still burns inside me;
    Because what I lost was all my might!

    That scratch you engraved on my body;
    Or rather on my homeage
    Still makes me feel my life's all caged!

    Trust me the rage is not about why you tried to take my dignity away;
    The rage is about why I couldn't let it sway!