• poet1k_trag3dy 23w

    The Absence of light

    As we turn a page in this book of life
    Walk a day in these shoes laced with heart
    We draw near to the end of another chapter in which has been survived
    As the fight to intertwine Faith and dedication for they drift to far apart.

    A beautiful life indeed created from the ashes of yesterday's sorrow
    The many times I got up after the ways i had fallen
    Faith in action behind a good convo with myself to God in hope's of climbing out of this skin tomorrow
    To suspend my soul in to the Heaven's for a moment's time for another moment with my mother, can you hear me calling?

    What drives a human to cling to pain and recreate a Hell that was destroyed by your faith in Heaven's Holy Army and perserverence to change your destiny?
    Yesterday was twelve years ago when the Devil made His way into my home and stole my innocence with whispering lies of an illusion of pleasure and joy that day forth
    Ten years of being shackled in a prison of addiction, loss of self, halt on progression and a few chemical induced felonies.
    Thinking about the beauty of serenity I use to feel for four years up until my Mom left us and my relapse, turmoil created, self inflicted misery and disconnect from loved ones staring at these four walls wondering why i hadnt stopped yet and digging deep for the memory before the event for a search for worth.

    The shame that overcomes me and the demon that overcame my will to crash this vehicle into oncoming traffic leaving the reformed me in a dark endless pit praying in a corner for light.
    The consequences are clear as was the change.
    The evil this creates in the heart of good man with a vision, heart and mission to make even the slightest of difference in a child's life as he once had all his goals in sight
    Only way out is to find that light inside to spark flame and ignite his God given mission and embark on the road less traveled with sense of purpose and honor behind his name