• seedroseswater 5w

    I like blue jay’s
    But you see letters play a part in things
    Letters of names
    Letter of addresses
    Letters in the alphabet
    Have you ever disliked men cause of the first letter of their name ?
    Soft touch me never
    I am speaking my truth wholeheartedly
    My pain I use for gain because
    I train my brain
    To withstand pain
    In order to keep me sane
    Tired of the boys I lost sleep over
    Fuck you
    I’m tired of hearing my friends feel weak over some guy treating them like dirt
    Men aren’t all the same
    But some of you play to many games
    Don’t lead her to fall in love
    Don’t make her believe you fit like a glove
    You made me feel like a mug
    Yet I let you live rent free in my head
    I’m just to easily lead
    Imagine letting a boy get close to you