• iamswart 5w

    Everything will turned black
    Everyone face front will turned their back
    It turns out not everything stay at constant
    It turns out everyone will leave at instant
    I wish everything happens with reason
    Im not finished studying but I already learned my lesson
    Since wealth, pride, and contenment was intact
    The three parts collide and well-being got a massive impact
    It hurts more than I feel
    As I know I cant tell
    Like the difference between life and alive same thing we fight to survive

    My privacies got embedded.
    And now true love ended.
    Why the story reach the last part?
    When the writer doesnt even know when and how it start.
    My favorite anime has no next season
    There is no chance, I hope I die before this generation.
    Our love connects without logic
    That is how it vanish like magic
    Can I hold the strong reason
    for sufferring this wrath of my treason?