• theonlygirl 10w

    Chapter -1

    Then the days went on, Nehan used to regularly been seen. Then one fine night,Tara, Tara.B and their friends were playing then suddenly a guy named rohn who was well known classmate of Tara.B started teasing tara with nehan's name. Tara.B wondered that why was his friend rohn teasing her friend tara with nehan's name. Coz usually he used to tease tara.B not tara. Everyone wondered....
    Then the next day tara.B asked rohn That y was he teasing tara in the name of Nehan. Rohn replied that Nehan had started liking tara, so he started teasing her with nehan's name. Then tara.B got depressed and sadly narrated this to all her friends
    Tara.B had literally started hating tara coz of Nehan liking tara instead of her.