• cosines 5w

    To the one, who always manage to deal with my non stop dumb things.

    Not everytime music heal me. Not every time I love reading my fvrt books. But You're that person, whom I always love to read, to talk endlessly, Even in my bad states. Whose honesty, maturity, and consistency aren't not missing from my eyes. I've heard all those silent voices of respect and love for me, which always hum happily in my heart.

    You, the one who mean everything to me, My brother, friend, 5 a.m partner, and the most necessary but not sufficient - Uncle Ji

    You're like the first ray of sun, whose mere touch eradicates all my vices and infuses freshness in me. You're like that bird, whose tweeting makes my day musical. You're the one, on whom countless poetries can be written but You're one, on whom writing is not so easy. not easy for me.

    From the beginning of the day to the end of night,
    the memories You've given to me, give my soul warmth like an eternal flame. You're like those important theorems of analysis , with which i've to get the entire essence of my books. Some theorems you've given as a gift to my life. A Younger brother, who can end my troubles without me. Whose priorities are to wish me on every festival
    A poet who blends my poetries with his childish literary devices and there're still many things to drop here. But Yes, I'm at a loss of words.

    Thanks, for making me strong enough to handle this plateform and people. For always making me non stop laugh when I was out of this thing. Let me say today. Thanks for Everything.

    Happy 16th bhai . Happy warm wishes to You.
    May Your life be same as You want. Wishing You more Wonderful journey ahead. Hexagon belongs to You.
    @gunjit_jain ❤️

    Yes these few lines I wrote any how, it's not good, I know but did only for You -

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