• claireadhiambo 10w


    Someone asked me what is time?
    I replied no one knows
    Whence it comes;where it goes
    Time flies like air blows
    It has no form;no columns no rows.

    Time is same for everyone
    But acts in different ways
    Some say time is cruel
    Some say time is a healer
    For all deep wounds and scars

    Some say that time
    Gives the lessons of life
    Some say time is the one
    Who makes you older
    A bridge from being a toddler
    To the point the body retires

    Oh!that we may live not exist
    Taking this life as a place
    Where we are sent to be prepared
    All we have to do is Obey Him
    If we want to pass the test
    Alas!our time is passing fast
    Or maybe we are passing time.