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    Open letter to the social beings of the society from Mother INDIA

    My dear children,

    You make me cry every day, every time, every moment. Bloodshed and battles make me feel proud like my other children, but you all worship me and other goddesses and respect them and me but what about my girls, my girl childrens? Aren't they humans like you all? Why do you hurt them? If you want to men to be born, but how? From men only or then only you need women. What kind of mentality is this? Even being a mother, I feel ashamed of calling you my children.

    All the men of the society, your mentality sucks!

    What do you think of women?
    They're born just to satisfy you men sexually and be pregnant machine and then what she should do- stay inside the household and take care of the family. And then you will come home drunk after work and you just be violent towards her.... Wow! What a scenario and on 26th January & 15th August you all worship me and think after all these I'll be happy? Really?

    What about the 3 months old babies?
    And 80 year old grannies?

    Do they even sexually seduce you?

    What about the Education of my girls? If you guys were literate enough to educate my girls, then the sex ratio of the country would have a blast and I could have been a developed country instead of developing.

    Moving on even, some of you rape my girls and in this country's constitution its written raping a girl is not a crime but raping and then murdering is a huge crime... Wow what a lovely constitutional rule it is!

    What about raping 3 months old baby girl and even an 80 yrs old aged woman?

    First, it was Nirbhaya;
    Then, Asifa and then many more, what did you get after raping them, didn't their faces remind you of your mother or your sister struggling in the same situation?

    On festivals, at one side you pray the goddess Durga, and on the other hand you don't want girls to be born to you because of the Taboo as known as girls are the burden, so if girls and women are burden then also us female goddesses should also be the burden for the universe. Even if a girl is born in the household then she can't be Durga in reality. *This is me INDIA.*

    Because they bleed every month and for you guys bleeding is impure right!

    We the goddesses also bleed, this means we're also impure, but for us bleeding is our most purest form of our own self. Bleeding keeps us healthy and pure.

    So moving on, what about my transgender children?
    Why don't you treat them equally? They're born different with different abilities to see the world in a different way, but they're also human beings.

    They have to struggle and fight from the day they're born till the day they die, only for equal respect and to have equal rights in the society, but our supreme court took a lot of time declaring their equality amongst others. Still they suffer to get a right to education and right to have a job.

    Though the transgenders and the LGBTQ COMMUNITY people are much different from the men and women of the society but they are the best human beings indeed.

    Moving on, to my North East, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam, Nagaland and Tripura. These are the 7 sister States of my land INDIA.
    People who live in these states are so sweet and beautiful and kind hearted but in the central, western, southern states they are better known as _chinkies_,
    Because of their small eyes, pronunciations of their names. They're being foreigners to the other parts of my land, you call them Chinese, Japanese, Korean and etc. Why? Where's your equality?

    Now most important thing I would like to ask, the soldiers who give up their life protecting me do not get any recognition, instead the ministers get recognition. The ministers take the advantages of their good doings. Why? I mean according to me, those who protect me and my respect should be the guardian of the country, rather take responsibility for being the guardian of the country. But the scenario is very different. Why?

    Children do you know who are the cowards?- The Acid Attackers.

    Acid can only destroy her beauty, but not her dreams, passion and her dedication towards her work. The most struggling and hard working women, the acid attack survivors, who after being the victim, who work hard just to prove the world that they aren't weak or Acid can't destroy them from going towards their infinite destination. The acid attackers know very well, that in future they will be very successful and happy, that's why to test their success they throw acid on their face.
    So coward, so coward!

    My dear children I'm very disappointed and dissatisfied with you all. If you read this letter, I would like to ask you a question.


    *From yours Mother INDIA, or _Bharat Mata_*