• lanzhan 6w


    Fire: One hello..my heart fascinated
    Why are you so beautiful
    My eyes couldn't resist to glance at you like a falling star in the sky
    My mind wishing to see you in the future waiting for me
    Its warm my heart.. you're my greatest flight
    The one and only soul that I hid in my painting

    Jade: One hello..my heart said you're beautiful in my eyes
    The smile that whipped me thousand times
    Touch me not is my rule
    Why I broke it
    Couldn't help but to wrap you in my arms.. telling the world you're mine..
    I wanted to hide you in a place that no one can hurt you

    Fire&Jade: let me offered a poem ..a song..let me carry you and defend you when everything falling apart..my heart always miss you..the yearning was so deep..our memories are so vivid .. you're my greatest flight..

    We will see each other again
    To a place that only two hearts could understand the scenery
    Our memories so painful to reminisce
    So happy to linger on
    How I miss the red lips of Phoenix
    How I miss to mess up your forehead ribbon
    We will be there in a place
    That we glanced everyday in Summer
    And when the nightfall wave and the rain poured ..we touched it with laughter
    How beautiful you are ..
    Never tired to look at you intensively
    How soft your lips
    How warm your touched
    In that same place..we will count again how many "43" is..
    No need flowery words
    No need to say Duibuqi and Xiexie
    We understood things
    Through thick and thin
    We will meet again under moonlight
    And our song will echo again...