• priver 10w

    Once after watching " bajirao mastani" I asked him was such soul connection even possible in today's world...!
    And his reply as always was towards the positive side ..He said yes it is!
    And then with a doubt in my mind I said how is it how can someone's death be connected with someone whom they love...!
    And he said love has no boundaries if we love truly we can make this connection too!
    And this is what made me mesmerized cause the most practical person of my life has spoken this words...!
    It was me who did believed in destiny and soul connection and not he still he had so strong believe in it ..!
    But yeah his description was heart touching but yet unrealistic ..!
    And now when I've such connection we don't exist anymore and this what makes me realise though we are not together but I want the ends to be together ...!
    I  that soul connection where bajirao and mastani didn't shared pains with each other neither happy moments but a connection which was worth that...!
    Yes I want our ends together I don't want ur life time I just want the last moments..!
    Where we leave his world together..!
    When we can feel the moment of "us"!
    And darling, yes! This connection exists between us!
    It's really shocking yet so pleasing I can feel your pain and your happiness, you heartily desires and you calling me without getting ur text or call!
    You know love I've tried to let go on you after I saw you with someone else but this bond, this connection, this love have never let me go on you!
    I don't know about bajirao and mastani but yeah love you are my soul mate and my perfect partner thought far away still together somewhere ..!
    Where actually "we" exists..!

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    Soul connection!!