• renumal_ 9w

    Diwali is a festival of lights. We light diyas, wear new clothes, distribute sweets.... All to show and spread joy.
    Let's celebrate diwali a little differently,..... Lets light up a face , so light up as many faces as u can, let's remove darkness of sorrow from one heart or one mind, lets sweeten our tongues and let only soft and sweet words pour out.
    And most important, let's raise our sons so that no girl has to ever write "me too". A world where every girl is allowed to be herself.
    Let's wear a new attitude of positivity, hope and joy.
    Let us celebrate this diwali together.
    Spreading cheer amongst anyone who is poor, sad, lonely, harrased or exploited.... just about everyone.
    For a change let us get the happiness index of people around us... Higher and higher.
    A very happy diwali.!!!