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    Sunset and Citylights

    The newspaper pressed in the handle of the door was still waiting to be picked up. Sunday issue was familiar with waiting for long hours but this was not any usual Sunday. The aroma of the coffee maker permeated in the kitchen.
    There was a curious silence in the house. A mix of fear and excitement was diffusing in the air.
    Adira pulled her hair back, switched off the stove and took out some vegetables and bread for the sandwiches. She called her daughter Kirat to check out all the items from the exhaustive list of things they had packed.

    "Mom, trust me, everything will be fine."
    "I still don't think its a good idea."Her hesitation was phasing in and out, ever since she took that decision.
    "I said trust me."
    "I do."
    Together, they pushed in the huge bag inside the car trunk.

    "Seriously Mom, we are not going on a war."Kirat could see the unease in her mother's eyes, growing every moment.
    "I want to be sure that we are safe there."
    The village was located on the outskirts of the city. Kirat was fascinated by the scenery created, paddy fields and the horizon coloured in yellow hues.
    Adira knows, it has been a long time since she took her daughter out for a trip. For a moment she forgot about the destination and became contended that they decided to come here.
    "I think we have reached, I will ask someone about their house."The long-awaited moment has come and Adira knew that. There was no running back now though she wanted that.

    They found the house.
    A non-cemented one, it was barely standing at the place. Green algae have moulded at the base with water draining out from a pipeline, on the roof.
    After exchanging a nod with her daughter, Adira knocked at the door.
    A woman, wearing a cotton nightgown, opened it.

    "Hi, I'm Adira, we had a talk on call yesterday. She is Kirat."

    "Yes...of course, I remember. She has grown up exceptionally since I last saw her, it has been a long time."Her eyes were glistening with tears. She caressed Kirat's cheeks while holding her shoulders with the other hand.

    "Seventeen years, it has been seventeen years," Kirat said with a steady voice. All her overwhelmed emotions were holding up, calm and collected.

    "Please come inside, we..."

    "Why did you leave?"A question whose answer Kirat knew deep inside her but she wanted to hear it verbally. So that her heart could accept the truth.

    "We couldn't afford you. My husband was an alcoholic. I didn't want you to suffer along with me and I'm glad I did that, you are living a way better life than I ever could have given you. Please come inside."

    "Mom, it is getting late, I think we should go now".

    "No...no, at least meet your father. He must be here at any moment now. You both should come inside."

    "I didn't come here because you've the same blood as mine. I came here for this answer. I wanted to hear it from you, in person. We should leave now, Mom."

    Kirat started walking towards the car, she felt like she was walking in cosmic space, feeling much lighter.

    "Won't you stop her to tell her about your regrets, to hear the word Mom from her, "Adira asked, out of curiosity, out of fear.

    "Would she agree with me?"
    They shared a smile. Two mothers of the same child.

    Adira walked briskly to match the steps of her daughter.
    The mother and daughter, proud of each other, needed this cathartic release.

    Leaving behind the sunset of the green fields, they were approaching their home. Citylights were calling them.

    A short story by
    डायना प्रिंस
    (©Anushka Verma)

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    A Short Story: Sunset and Citylights

    Leaving behind the sunset of the green fields, they were approaching their home. Citylights were calling them.

    ~ डायना प्रिंस
    (©Anushka Verma)

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