• fearsotherside 6w

    Empath Gotta Laugh...

    I felt so empowered for half the day, I talked to my counsellor with nothing to say & then...Then bursts of agitation, my solar plexus screaming, my heart racing, I believe I had to let out a couple of "Arghhhh's!!!!". I wondered if I was lying to myself, about how well I felt I had been doing. I went out to the garden for a bit & what do I hear, the neighbours having a yelling match. Being an empath is absolutely ridiculous. I mean I know I may sound ridiculous. But those fookers upset my zen more than I think I know. One day I set-up to paint out there & they started at it. I played any music with "stop yelling at me" in the lyrics really loud. That's what their energy alone is like for me.