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    Lost a lot, gained MUCH MORE!
    All the rebukes of 2016 were glorified with bells of appreciation in 2017. The first milestone towards my dream, had been achieved. I had learnt the meaning of the phrase "TEARS OF JOY", in its truest form!
    There had been some people who swept away, leaving behind memories of GALA time spent together... Memories of meaningless laughters, of doing foolish things together, of long endless chats...
    At the same time I met new people, made new friends, discovered new equations, made memories, made #Diaries!!
    So coming to the last day of 2017, the most memorable and adorable year in my life, till date, thanks to God and all those persons who made it just worthy enough...
    Cheers to a new beginning with 2018 coming up... But yeah 2017 would continue to be a part and parcel of my life.