• writerssoul 9w

    Money, Social Status and Ego.

    I keep hearing wispers,
    I keep hallucinating shadows of people,
    I feel sad when i see a stray animals,
    I admire people work with disabilities (mental and physical doesn't matter), huge respect,
    I just feel happy when I see parents holding their kids,
    I feel different vibes on the Mumbai local,
    There is so much chaos,
    There is so much these people are holding inside,
    There is so much injustice happening around,
    Yet without any complaints people adjust
    What is it that keeps people doing what they are doing,
    Is the greed of money pushing people with low income help other people, feeding stray dogs, eating vada pav as lunch and walks to save money,
    The other part of the world functions just opposite,
    They are sad of things which shouldn't matter or exist on the first place,
    They are so much into materialism they forget that there something beyond that called real life.