• maoahi 5w

    "Going for a shopping N buying the wrong size everytime/ I don't try plus the shop is too big, can't return the gig/ everything is either too short or too large, no one stopped when I barged/ crossed the securities with currency N got sold in urgency/ if I can handle with eyes, I'll stop blinking, can anyone stop clinking/ the glasses of wine isn't same rhymes, I'm just scribbling jumbed lines/ expecting that lion won't kill you because you ain't killing him is stupid, thinking that you can get love because you're a friend of cupid/ when you start imagining about colours in night, take it or leave it, you're just high/ it's black and white N if I am all wrong then maybe I'm right/ ate too much when the food looked bright, Now crying with eyes closed even to switch on the light/ the knife is not too far N I can use slipper too, but would take it hard N apply for the zoo/ bad vibes can be called off, it's my fault, when I get the fruit, I readily peel it off N eat it with extra salt