• dakshtadagar 5w


    "Embrace your imperfections"
    The acne on your face
    The scars on your neck
    And at times, being a wreck
    They aren't imperfections...it's human.
    Not knowing what to do
    Feeling Overwhelmed, alone
    Being insecure and the future not being known,
    They aren't imperfections...it's human.
    Having doubts, being doubtless
    Knowing it all, being clueless
    Being skinny, being curvy
    Or sometimes being nervy,
    This isn't perfect/imperfect...it's human.
    It's okay to breakdown, it's valid to at times feel like a clown,
    It's okay not to be okay, it's okay to at times feel a bit gray,
    Because emotions are normal and they aren't your 'imperfections'....it's human.