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    Rape is an adjective!
    Want to know what I'm felling...
    Well I'm not able to fell anything cause my brain is not in a state to process anything at all!
    My subconscious part could but I really don't want it to do so..!

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    I racked my head for an hour going through the dictionary finding an adjective for RAPE!
    I came across words like BAD, DISAPPOINTING, OUTRAGEOUS so on and so forth..!
    You can not use the word outrageous as an adjective for rape cause' it is used till a point where you can sense the rage.
    But not in this case.
    The felling is way past rage!
    It's something that not many of us have felt.
    We just have a faint image of what it MIGHT feel like!
    And the one's who have felt UN(fortunately) dead or lost in sanity!
    And a little while later I realized rape doesn't need an adjective
    Cause' you can not give an adjective, an adjective!