• krithigasankar 5w

    Dare Not Disregard Me -
    For U'll be Called a Traitor !
    Coz, I Have Stood With U through it All,
    And Never Cringed Even on Ur Failure...
    Ur Strength I Nuture,
    Ur Pain I Heal,
    Not Just Until Now -
    It is How It will Always Be...
    So, Dare Not Disregard Me -
    Even If, My Form, You Cannot See !
    I Am Ur Own Voice From Within,
    And I Am The Only One -
    More Close To U Than Anyone Can Ever Be !
    Hence, Dare Not Disregard Me !

    - Came These Words On Her View Of Her Own Reflection...
    - A Note to Self, Filled with So Much Inward Worth & Affection...