• poetpen 4w


    For me motivation is like a morning tea.
    Which you give morning freshness and change your body to do everything which you scheduled in your whole day.
    like as morning tea opens your eyes just like motivation also opens your eyes and crack every problems which you faced in between you and goal.
    And change your body to consentrate that aim which you build in your mind.
    Then definitely you will gain your way.
    Then you came out in every circumstances,
    Then one day you will see that one infront of you that becomes truely in real life.
    Just make schedule go ahead.
    Move in main road without any disturbance remove negatives thoughts.
    Oneday you will find your hardwork showing your results.
    After that every person who don't know in nowadays but yesterday they will think to talk to you or not.
    Build your name and fame,
    Post, work or height.!!
    Build your own empire.!!