• poison_ivy 45w


    Have you lost someone? Someone very close? It's not easy. We link all our happiness to that thing or someone, thinking it's going to be always here. Then in a snap, it's gone. The world falls apart, the sadness creeps in, the warmth leave the soul, that voice doesn't call any more, those eyes don't look anymore. It's cold, silent, dark and devastating. One part gets missing, it's like losing a child in a shopping mall and never finding it back, you never expected it, it hits you when you are happy and content with everything you have. How do you cope with it? The void. The crashing soul. The crying eyes. Do you keep it in until it kills you too, or pour your heart out to the world? How to finish the building without those bricks that you have lost? Maybe some day you will heal, tears dry with time, that's the natural way of healing. But the memories will always make you smile and cry a little everytime. And that's ok. Love doesn't die. Not for you, and not for the one you loved.

    © Sourajit Das