• lalitha_l2 5w

    DOCTOR_Check point of diseases
    MILITARY_Check point of enemies
    LAWYER_Check point of illegal issues
    POLICE_Check point of criminals
    TEACHER_Check point of mindsets
    ENGINEER_Check point of unquality services
    BANKER_Check point of improper usage of finance
    BUSINESS MAN_Check point of the supply of unquality product
    MARKETING_Check point of unnecessary advertisements
    SALESMAN_Check point for mediator of wrong products.
    All are there to save and to provide the right products and services.
    But what the hell doing.
    No one has the voice to raise and do the duty as per standards.
    But wear the badges of so called PROFESSION and advertise them as we are great.
    Be the one what we are!!
    Have the own standards to make alive our professions and we people!!