• djlove 6w

    Tell Me

    Don't use your hands use your words...
    Your hands are weapons used to hurt me, I am afraid of what's to come...
    Why won't you use your words??
    Does hurting me make you feel better??
    If you don't love me anymore then just let me go!
    Don't make me stay... Either of us wants this.
    Tell me what you're feeling inside..
    Why are you angry?? Is it something I did??
    Please just let me help you!! I promise it will all be okay but please don't hurt me anymore...
    Tell me... you're listening and that you'll do as I say!!
    I'm with you every step of the way!!
    Write a poem about how you feel inside I promise it'll make you feel better....
    I'm telling you.. .That I love you and you are wonderful and important not just to me but to those that love you....!!!

    By: Dakota Juarez