• princejay 10w

    Comitted to the process of suicide
    Prince jay *the poet*

    Man are dying ,animals becomes dry in the land
    Girls are thrown as prosecution

    The main idea about suicide is to hide
    Is to feel week in spirit soul
    Is the feel of dearth in the state of mind without fear

    "I ask if you want to commit suicide what that does to the loved one " oblivious they feel the sadness like a tree roots cutted off with the intention of not growing of producing fruits

    Do you seem confused yes
    See and notice if you kill yourself because of a situation ?
    Did you knew that you will achieve a set of goals ?
    Did you knew you will motivate others!

    You may say wow!but the result of taking a soul is like loosing 100 billion of many it totures you because you lost the money without using it

    What don't you calm yourself by stating or staying your own self
    Don't not have to commit suicide