• halladayshannon 10w

    I was so inlove with you.. I loved you so much! You were so beautiful to me. I fell so inlove with you’re laugh.. you’re hands and you’re smile. Every time you kissed me it melted my heart. Every time you smiled my heart skipped a beat. I’ve never in my entire life loved a man the way I loved you and I never will again. It’s been 6 months.. half a year and I’ve missed you every single day! Forgetting you .. forgetting us is so hard.. moving on is even harder. I have no other choice.. what we had is gone. It’s long over and I have to accept it. Our memories kill me.. I don’t want them anymore.. I just want to forget but I can’t! I’m hoping in time I’ll heal and everything will be ok but for now I’m missing you.. missing us every single day!