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    Just a personal poem
    Relate it if u can
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    You Won't Stop

    I know u won't stop
    Thou my heart,am quite sure
    Won't let you go
    But my head for sure too
    Knows you hav bigger ambitions
    And u will get them in any condition
    So my head let you
    Let you to go........

    Go run behind ur dreams
    Dreams of open eyes
    Work hard for them
    And lead a happy life

    Yeah perhaps your seat
    Will be empty now
    Or maybe I ll sit there
    Imagining you verging on

    The class will be gloomy hence
    Maybe not for others
    For sure for me
    Me and my lost glee

    You won't get my face
    And so do i
    Hah no teasing of urs
    And neither of mine

    Don't u look back
    And I kno you wont
    Go ahead from here on
    Taking ur loads

    Maybe after the dreams. To be true
    You leading ur new life ahead thru
    But after all the works
    I ll meet you there