• mhystique_art 10w

    I would choose her
    Amongst all name
    To have an hour with her alone
    In a room
    I'd share it this way
    Forty minutes to talk about her
    I really want to know the mind behind those captivating stories
    I would like to know how much and far she thinks
    To write so convincingly
    Her depth is deep

    Fifteen minutes to talk about her books
    All are my favourites
    I'm always trying to escape from myself
    So I get to choose characters to be in her stories
    I choose strong characters in the stories
    I can't cower in reality and imagination
    Ifemelu has to be my favourite character
    I would love to be as defiant as she is
    And to have a mind of mine

    Five minutes is to talk about myself
    There's really nothing interesting about me to talk about
    I would talk much of how I wish I could have her personality
    People might say Just be yourself
    But what can I do when I'm tired of being weak