• traceedehaan_ 9w

    Battling with Value Part One: Relationships

    Here goes a series that we are about to kick off: Battling with Value. Part one is relationships as you can see in the title. Growing up I “caught feelings” for boys really fast. Like if I thought a boy was attractive and he said hi to me. Whoosh I was gone making fantasies of what could happen with this boy. I was a romantic at heart. However, once I got to high school, I had my first heartbreak. Not a common reason like a break up- but the guy I liked did not indeed like me back. This sent me to a pit of questions like: Am I not good enough for him? Am I not pretty enough? AM I not popular enough? All of these questions of enough. Was, I, a teenage girl, still trying to find who she was- enough? After a few weeks I was so sad, because he wasn’t talking to me. I was feeling lonely. Not until now do I realize that I was finding my worth and value in him. This teenage boy- who desperately needed a haircut. Your worth and value should not be in your significant other, your spouse, your friends. It should be 1) if you are religious, in your God 2) if not in who you think you are. Because you are way more valuable and unique than what they say to you or think of you. Your value is your value not the value based on what Billy (I chose a random name) thinks or says. So as we go through this series I want you to look at these topics and ask yourself the question: Am I finding my value in “blank” or am I basing it on my God (myself)?
    So today ask yourself:
    Am I getting my value and only accepting my value in her or her? OR am I truly basing my value on God or my own thoughts on me?