• flower 4w

    Survival kit for college kids

    How many of you remembers the last day of your 12th boards exam?
    The last time you had an eye contact with the topper to feel validated that you too might score an average marks to please all the ears asking you, "how much percentage did you get?"
    Do you remember the times when you couldn't wait to leave your school and start your college life?
    Because, hey, what's better than satisfying your curiosity to try out new things and experience the hype of the freedom you'll be exposed to. It's such an important part of growing up, ain't it?
    Anxiousness topped with excitement of going somewhere new, of starting a new phase of life, where no one knows you.
    Your past, your present, your stories, your talents,
    Weave them together to prove yourself here again.
    You can be anyone you want to be in this place,
    A shady loner,
    Or a super sensitive human,
    A desperate lover,
    Or a "iss ladki mein kitna attitude h yaar" type person.
    There will be rumours flying around like paper planes, don't get bothered by them, because in the next 3-4 years no one will even remember you existed.
    Things will unfold in the ugliest way possible, but by the time you leave, you'll be thanking the gods for all the times you've spent here.
    If you're in hostel, you won't get friends, you'll get a new family, where you'll stick to each other like all the old cheesy bollywood songs stuck in your head that you can't forget even if you tried to.
    And, talking about seniors, they just want respect, an acknowledgement when you pass by, they don't mean no harm,
    Because, in this community, trust me when I say this, your seniors will be your helping hand.
    This college is like Narnia, a seperate world on its own,
    Don't forget to shine your vibes,
    Don't hesitate to show the real you.
    From here you'll hop on a rollercoaster ride,
    It will be unpredictable with sharp ups and major falls,
    And soon you'll realise, college life is nothing like what you expected it to be,
    You'll cry your heart out but then again laugh till you're in tears and you can't see,
    Cherish all the times,
    Take a bag full of memories,
    Don't think so much,
    Just do whatever you've wanted to till the timer goes off,
    Because college will be your gate way to step into this not so fancy world.
    So, here's to:
    Happy growing up, it sucks, but you're gonna love it.