• anandarupa_chakrabarti 10w

    Those soundless whispers,
    you hear mine.
    Ah! Such long waits doesn't surpass the time.

    I have a son, his wife,
    A family of my own
    But little did I know,
    my half-a-life would spend in old age home.

    The son is so unrecognised now living in solid flats
    Household of space with endless properties,
    but he doesn't want to live in unity.
    A house so empty & narrow ,
    you could listen a neighbour's breathe.
    Washed away all my stuffs
    and memories of his struggled childhood.
    Yearly the family visit, an hour's deal
    the moments of sorrow and loneliness, at once heal.
    The little development, whom I abandoned,
    filled my heart with tears of joy with his tiny digits and gestures.
    But little did I imagined,
    i would be made so unfamiliar ,
    spend a half life in old age home.

    As a child He feared darkness
    imagined of Demons and Witch troubling him
    then I would make him sleep
    calming his restless mind singing lullabies Nights after Nights.
    Perhaps no one cuddles me now
    for he himself makes his son asleep.
    He always said me a thing "one day I'll become a big man and you will be smiling all time"
    Though, he fulfilled his ambitions
    but forgot that his 'this' parent in the crowd of work culture.

    But a life he also led,
    I age today around sixty six,
    A half age left he would be installed here soon
    then he would imagine,a venue of venomous hell
    to spend a half-life in an old age home.


    For the one & only @sumana_chakraborty maam.

    Inspired by the bengali song বৃদ্ধাশ্রম sung by Nachiketa Chakraborty.

    Presenting a poetic version to this epic emotional melody.

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