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    // Karma's Back //

    Chapter 17:

    Sometimes Later in the morning, Carma woke up at 5 o'clock and after freshening up, she called Zan, Zan was sleeping and suddenly the ringtone started, and he shockingly woke up and said " what happened??!?? Who's there? ! " after looking around he saw that his phone was ringing and he picked it up and said in a sleepy voice "who's this? Oh no one, then bye good night" Carma suddenly shouted " SHUT UP, GET UP AND GET FRESHEN UP YOU DOWN LAYING IDIOT" he said " Roger ma'am " and he immediately got up.

    After he dressed up, he called Carma and said " so how can I come?, the driver must be sleeping because it's too early and I don't know how to drive" she replied on phone "just come down idiot, I'm standing here with my bike for so long, it's already 5:30 " he thought " ( wow, she really is fast, wish I was that punctual) yeah).

    After reaching Carma's home, she pulled him to the Practice Room and said " now go wear the uniform to learn Karate and come Quick" he said " thanks, I'll just go quick and come quick" and he went to the changing room, and after 5 minutes finally came out, without even seeing him she said " you're 5 minutes late- * suddenly look at him* (he's looking so damn good in the uniform) u-uh anyways let's b-begin" he smiled awkwardly and said " so, I guess someone's blushing, right? Are you stunned?" She sides her face and said " shut up already and begin".

    As they practiced, he fell a lot of times, first when she was teaching him to kick higher,then when he was learning tornado kick, and third when hype was in duel for practice with Carma, but yet after falling so many times he noticed that every time he falls, that whenever he falls she was always there to help him out or even catch him, every time this happens they blush, faces becoming red like a tomato, and having butterflies in their stomach was a common thing he noticed that he had never been like this before, but yet while thinking these, Carma shouted " What are you thinking? C'mon we need to practice" he said " yeah coming (This feelings strange I don't know why but even when she shouted at me, I'm feeling like she's talking so sweet, my mind is on clouds only me and her,... no Zan you can fall her it's only been some weeks, but I remember I have read it somewhere that it only takes 0.4 seconds to fall in Love, so am I in love, ok I'll think later, or else she'll shout again)" .

    After finishing the first day of training , he asked her " so Carma, are you willing to come to the park with me? (Wait don't we do this every day? why am I asking like this now, it feels like I'm asking her on a date)" she said " why are you so red, don't we do this every day? (His face is so red, is he asking for a............ date? )" he said " no no I meant walk, not with your bike (really, walk? I hate walks, why didn't I had anything else to say)" she replied " yes, ok (my dumb thinking) so what time? " he said " evening 5 o'clock? " she said " ok let's meet there only".


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