• theobliviousdreamer 49w

    I'm not me.
    Makes sense?
    Does it?
    I've not been
    for quite awhile now.
    Do you see?
    Can you even see,
    that this isn't me?
    The one you see
    right here,
    in front of you,
    sipping tea.
    Coffee, my darling,
    coffee used to be me.
    Tea-coffee, coffee-tea;
    I see your difficulty
    in understanding why it is
    such a huge thing to me.
    You see,
    for my priority to be tea
    and not coffee,
    a lot had to change
    inside of me.
    So the new me
    isn't who I used to be.
    The me that I had
    barely managed
    to learn to live with
    is all anew,
    and this isn't who I used to be.
    But do you see?
    Can you even see?