• cmsavee 23w


    In the roar of opinions I hear all but my own,
    Carefully drowned out by you.
    Do I even exist?
    Or am I meant to question?
    Moments of clarity come rarely
    But I consider them a blessing.
    Telling me words don't matter,
    My friends don't care
    "Look closely, have they ever been there?"
    Filling my head with doubt,
    Towards myself, friends and loved ones..
    It's almost like none of this exists.
    What was I talking about?
    I think I have a thought sometimes,
    But then it just drifts.
    Get halfway through a conversation,
    And then I stumble into the abyss.
    Excuse me when I can't remember.
    If I think back i swear I used to be better,
    But then again thats not what you told me,
    Also, why do I feel like you own me?
    ...Oh sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings
    I know I can be controlling,
    But your words are a tad demeaning,
    I know I know,
    I apologize I misinterpreted your meaning.
    But could we pause a moment?
    Perhaps talk about my feeling's,
    You know they also exist...
    But I said that with a tone,
    I'm sorry I'm such a bitch.
    And I shouldn't blame you alone,
    After all, I made you speak to me this way...

    Wait what were we talking about ?