• sakshigwalani 6w


    Ive been thinking a lot about losses, mostly about the
    loss of a human life. How it is a bitter but an
    inevitable truth of the universe. Death is a mystery
    which none could solve. And its enigma shall prevail
    even as we try to drown ourselves in parties and
    celebrations only to realize that they were
    momentary. Life itself is momentary in space and
    time. While the larger truth still remains death.
    None has been able to solve the secrets of death and
    its glory. Only that its insidious. It comes like an
    unexpected wave that wrecks the entire shore leaving
    it to heal in its aftermath. And even though you know
    its a battle you cant win, you try your best to save
    your loved ones from its grasp while at the back of
    our mind, you know that in the end, you will lose.
    Nothing can be more devastating than that. Nothing
    can be more hurtful than watching your loved one die
    while you stand beside, helpless. And all youre left to
    do is mourn.
    The gone wont come back. But the living shall
    continue to live and even though, you are in a state of
    shock or denial, you shall still move on. Or rather, you
    are forced to carry on because that is the cycle of
    life-the dead dies leaving behind the living who shall
    live, year after year with their memories, until their
    time comes and they finally meet in their afterlife.
    Seldom can one fully heal from this grief of losing a
    loved one. Most of the times, they dont. Their
    absence clings on to you. And no matter what youre
    doing or where you are living, you will be reminded of
    that someone who wont be there to ask you if youre
    doing fine.
    So, live your life to the fullest. Learn to seize the day.
    Find happiness in the smaller success of life. Dont
    wait for tomorrow to begin with your dreams. And
    most importantly, spend time with your loved ones.
    Because no one can predict death. And you never
    know where the Grim Reaper might be.