• vaishsb 4w

    Being beautiful

    Only clothes don't show your richness.
    Those branded watches can't give you valuable time.
    These high heels sometimes may not have a big heart.
    Those shining Gucci bags may not always make you shine.
    The big eyeliners , tons of makeup , branded lipsticks are not always a beauty kit.

    Beauty is not always about looking good.
    It's not about the money you have.
    It's not about the skin colour you pursue.
    It's not about the high heels you wear.

    Beauty is something which makes your heart shine.
    It's something which can make others smile.
    It's when you have big heart which knows forgiveness.
    Beauty comes with giving respect not snatching it.

    Your inner soul makes you beautiful.
    Your bright smile makes you shine.
    Your generous heart proofs you are a queen.
    Your kind and innocent nature makes you higher than everyone.

    True beauty needs to be from inside not from outside.
    True beauty comes within your soul.
    Being beautiful means having a big soul.

    Be grateful be beautiful ❤️.
    By : Vaishnavi