• parajoszul24 9w

    Just posting all my old poems will post some more next time I regain some energy.

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    His dreams were memories or a state of illusion,sooned to be forgotten. He'd be living in a world of memories that would be soon forgotten.

    He'd be living in a world where there was no time or space and time was only a memory.

    He'd live in a world where everything would go out of sync,where everything would be lost and a single timeline to the end of time.

    He'd lived like that in an era where even his own existence was meaningless.

    That was a reality, a time, a place,a world that he'd lived in for his entire life.

    Even though he couldn't remember that the world had no time. Even though he was in a world where everything was lost.

    He was now living there in that reality where he is nothing,where nothing is anything. That's the reality,the reality,the only true reality that he knew.