• kashaf12 5w

    It's only after losing the peace of your mind that you know its worth. And how important it is. How nothing else in this world matters more than that. You are the one who has to decide what's your minimum requirement to be happy and satisfied.
    For some it can be success, for others it may be family, for someone it can be love and for someone else the welfare of society, their ultimate path to peace.
    Some may be happy with the home cooked food, some love to enjoy it at a five-star. Some may be satisfied with the two set of clothes they have, while for some the whole wardrobe still might not satisfy.
    Don't let the world decide what makes you happy. It's ok to dream big and work hard for it but it's equally ok to have different priorities in life and be satisfied with it. We have already run a lot. The whole world is racing at a speed unknown, finding no end to it. Also making you believe that you will be left behind if you don't run now. But, it's high time we told ourselves it's ok to be slow and fall behind.
    It's ok to be at your pace and enjoy the journey. It's ok to stop for a while and talk to yourself for no reason. It's ok not to want to be at the top of the world and still be happy.
    It's life and it's high time we started living it.