• stevenlee 4w


    I stand here alone, on the oceans shore, as I watch the tides, ebb and flow, while I take this bottle and toss it out, as far as it, can go, watching it twist and turn, in the air, taking flight, going end over end, until its momentum drops, sending it spiraling down, into the water, with a splash, as I watch it then, floating out, on the sea, as it drifts, with the waves and further, from me, blown more, by a gentle breeze, which inside, carries a message, that I have handwritten.

    So now, as I walk away, not knowing, where it goes, or how far, it will travel, but in hopes, in prayers, it get to its destination, that within, this rhythmic sea, along the whispered breeze, through storms, under the moon and basking, in the sunlight, the bottle floats, to be reunited, with the one, it is intended for, washing up, on that distant shore, with the words, I love you more.