• rachelezell27 5w


    My mind is illicit.
    All the content is explicit.
    I'm a perv, you can't miss it.
    If you don't like my ass then you can kiss it.

    My thoughts are erotic.
    If there's a toy then I've bought it.
    Any dirty thought you come up with,
    I've already thought it.

    My musings are obscene.
    I just can't keep them clean.
    I tried to be vanilla but I just don't fit that scene.
    The darker, dirtier flavors are where I seem to lean.

    I'm a nymph, I crave sex.
    I turn into a fiend.
    I think about it constantly,
    I'm obsessed if you know what I mean.

    So much stronger than caffeine.
    To me sex is like amphetamines.
    I can be your slave or your queen,
    or anything in between.

    I want someone who fucks like a machine.
    Who drives it deep, into my spleen.
    Who makes me squirm and scream,
    and that's all just his daily routine.

    No doubt I'm sick, I need a vaccine.
    Spending my days watching porn,
    eyes glued to the screen.
    I find the intimate sounds both exciting and serene.

    Many have tried and failed to intervene.
    They've said I needed help since I was a teen.
    If you think I need help then maybe you're a little green.
    Telling me to stop is like putting fire to gasoline.

    My mind is a sewer.
    Worse than the filthiest magazines.
    Everyone guard your innocence,
    and please don't enter if you're not eighteen.

    ~ Rachel G. Ezell